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Classes begin August 1st, 2018

​​​Fairy Tales have survived for centuries upon centuries. Even to this day, they almost seem 'magickal' as they captivate generations of audience young and old alike.

Have you ever thought that they could be more to these tales, then meets the eye?

That is because there is! Fairy Tales hold secrets of the Ancient Goddess Tradition. That is right, personal growth and even Witchcraft, are between the pages of if you have an open mind and know where to look. This course will show you.

Are there Gods and Goddesses in Fairy Tales?

Absolutely! Again if you know where to look or know your other Myths, you will see some parallels between Greek, Roman and even Norse Gods and Goddesses. For Example, the store of Psyche and Cupid has components similar to Beauty and the Beast. Briar Rose is given seven gifts such as beauty and grace, similar to what Inanna gives up as she passes through the seven gates, plus doesn't she go through a death and rebirth just like Sleeping Beauty who falls into a death like sleep, only to awaken changed?

Journeys for Personal Growth, Spell Components, Magick and so much more!

Each and every month for one year, you will receive a lesson focusing on a Fairy Tale and the Witchcraft within, delivered right to your email. 

This course includes:

  • A featured Fairy Tale of the month

  • Secrets of the Ancient Goddess Tradition & Witchcraft contained within it

  • Spells and Enchantments utilizing the featured Fairy Tale theme

  • Instructions for hands-on projects such as potions, spell craft and more

  • Meditation to work with featured Fairy Tale

  • Fairy Tale Magick Ritual for you to perform on your own 

  • Fairy Tale Book of Shadow Page(s) delivered as a PDF to your email every month

  • Access to a private "A Year of Fairy Tale Magick" Facebook Group to ask questions and connect with Alura Rose and other members.

  • Access to videos and conference calls throughout the year

Classes start August 1st, 2018

Fairy Tale Class Schedule

Class One: 

Into the Woods with Hansel and Gretel 

The journey begins....

Class Two:


"Our past does not define us."


Class Three:


Freeing ourselves from the tower

Banishing Magick

​Class Three:

Beauty and the Beast

Unconditional Love

Self-Love, Romantic Love

Class Four:

The Fisherman and his Wife

What really matters

True Life Purpose and Self-Discovery

Class Five:



Prosperity Magick

Class Six:


Class Seven:


Class Eight:


Class Nine:


Class Ten:


Class Eleven:


Class Twelve:



Please email Alura@PoisonedApple.org

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Classes begin August 1st, 2018

A Year of Fairy Tale Magick

A Magickal Course Combining Fairy Tales and Witchcraft