"Alura is a wonderfully gifted Witch and an exceptional teacher. She introduced me to Fairytale Magick when she began leading Full Moon Esbats at Enchanted in Salem MA which I attend every month. She has a gift bringing the fairytales alive during the rituals, often in ways you had never thought of before. You can feel her passion the way she carries herself and by the effort she puts into everything. The meditations she leads are very insightful and I'm never the same afterwards. Overall, she is a wealth of wisdom and a wonderful person. I recommend her to absolutely anyone."  

Eddie Goodwin, Leominster, MA ​

I love it when people talk! Here is what people are saying....

 "I purchased the Snow White Transition Cord as a birthday present for my partner and was elated when I received it in the mail in a timely manner. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is beautiful and it has great energy !..Thank you for a beautiful cord and I look forward to future purchase.."  

Chad Millard​

 "The first time Alura Rose gave me a reading, I knew I had found my lifetime tarot reader! Her highly expert knowledge and understanding of the cards quickly became clear. As a tarot reader myself, with 20 years of experience, finding someone who is truly gifted as a tarot reader is a rare pleasure. She not only has the knowledge, she has the heart, and her care and concern for her clients is deeply genuine. I felt privileged to get a reading from her, and encourage anyone who truly in need of an expert reading to take your questions to Alura!"  

Lena Haber, Lawton, Oklahoma​

 "Alura's readings are unbelievably accurate, whether over the phone or in person. She goes a step further by providing suggestions on what direction to take if you feel you aren't on the right path or are stuck and don't know what to do next. I highly recommend her Tarot readings and her crafty creations!"  

​Deborah Stellhorn, Beachwood, New Jersey​

 "Alura Rose is so great! I so enjoyed attending her Full Moon Ritual. It was not only "enchanting" but informative. My fiancé and I went not really knowing what to expect, when we left we both felt it was worth the drive and time. The energy was so good. We also met some really kewl people. I set intentions to attend future Rituals/classes given by Alura Rose. Thank-you Alura Rose for sharing your love for the craft."  

​Sonya Valdez, Freeport, Texas ​

 "The first time I met this amazing women I knew she was very special!!! I have bought several magical items from her but just received my favorite today!!! My spell cord !!! it is absolutely incredible!! So beautiful and I can feel the magic coming thru!!! I also have several readings by her Incredible right on point!"  

​Maura O'Neill, Rowley, MA​

 "I have had two readings by Alura and both have been a great experience. Beyond the reading it self, she recommended some books and offered a fresh perspective to me. Thank you so much."  

​Kerrie McCarthy, Lebanon, Maine​

 "The Fairy Tale Full Moon / Blood Moon Ritual that I attended, organized by Alura Rose was absolutely an experience I won't ever forget. The event started with a deep dive into the Grimm Fairy tale world in order to learn the magick behind it, then performing a ritual based off the symbology of the story. There was a twist at the end too! Best part of it was, my wishes came true!"  

​Ven Brady, Salem,, MA​

 "Unbelievably eye opening. Her ability to see through the top layers of the fairy tales and show you what's really going on.... Amazing. You will second guess everything you learned when you were a kid.."  

​Rowan Anasazi, Manchester, NH​

 "Alura is a warm, wonderful reader and teacher. I enjoy taking her Fairy Tale Magic classes when I can. I can't wait to see more of what she does! Thank you Alura for your insight and grace!"  

​Dawn Marie Costorf, Waltham, MA​

 "I had a toe reading by Alura Rose. She explained each toe and what information that toe was telling her. I found the reading to be fascinating, very accurate and a lot of fun."  

​Laurie Perkins ​